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Up, Up, and Away!…

Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi uses her blog, Yowayowa Camera Woman, to post her wonderfully whimsical series of self-portraits… in each of which she is levitating.  (Explanation of the technique involved, here.)

[TotH to Kottke.org]

As we feel ourselves rising, we might spare a sweet thought for Aaron “Bunny” Lapin; he died on this date in 1999.  In 1948, Lapin invented Reddi-Wip, the pioneering whipped cream dessert topping dispensed from a spray can.   First sold by milkmen in St. Louis, the product rode the post-World War Two convenience craze to national success; in 1998, it was named by Time one of the century’s “100 great consumer items”– along with the pop-top can and Spam.  Lapin became known as the Whipped Cream King; but his legacy is broader:  in 1955, he patented a special valve to control the flow of Reddi-Wip from the can, and formed The Clayton Corporation to manufacture it.  Reddi-Wip is now a Con-Agra brand; but Clayton goes strong, now also making industrial valves, closures, caulk, adhesives and foamed plastic products (like insulation and cushioning materials).





You deserve a break today…

From ingredients to consumption patterns, an infographic with fun facts like…

From OnlineSchools.org;  Click either image or here to see it in its appetite-inhibiting entirety. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

As we rethink our lunch plans, we might recall that it was on this date in 1879 that James Ritty, a saloon keeper in Dayton, Ohio, and his brother John, a skilled mechanic, patented the first cash register, “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier.”  The company they formed to exploit the invention didn’t prosper; in 1881 they sold the patent to a group of investors who built the enterprise that became the National Cash Register Company (NCR).

Replica of the first Ritty machine (which had no cash drawer) source: Smithsonian Institution

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