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Floating free…

(R)D has pondered before photos that challenge us to believe the evidence of our eyes (e.g., here and here)…  In that same spirit, the work of former tattoo artist, rock band singer, and Playboy model Anka Zhuravleva:

Read her story and see more of her work in The Daily Mail.

As we feel our spirits rise, we might recall that it was on this date in 1950 that Harvey premiered, and movie-goers met Elwood P. Dowd (Jimmy Stewart) and his best friend, the imaginary rabbit who gave the tale its title.


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October 13, 2011 at 1:01 am

Up, Up, and Away!…

Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi uses her blog, Yowayowa Camera Woman, to post her wonderfully whimsical series of self-portraits… in each of which she is levitating.  (Explanation of the technique involved, here.)

[TotH to Kottke.org]

As we feel ourselves rising, we might spare a sweet thought for Aaron “Bunny” Lapin; he died on this date in 1999.  In 1948, Lapin invented Reddi-Wip, the pioneering whipped cream dessert topping dispensed from a spray can.   First sold by milkmen in St. Louis, the product rode the post-World War Two convenience craze to national success; in 1998, it was named by Time one of the century’s “100 great consumer items”– along with the pop-top can and Spam.  Lapin became known as the Whipped Cream King; but his legacy is broader:  in 1955, he patented a special valve to control the flow of Reddi-Wip from the can, and formed The Clayton Corporation to manufacture it.  Reddi-Wip is now a Con-Agra brand; but Clayton goes strong, now also making industrial valves, closures, caulk, adhesives and foamed plastic products (like insulation and cushioning materials).





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