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“Life in the Middle East is quite different from other places”*…


Confused about what’s happening in the Middle East? No need to worry—our research team at the Institute of Internet Diagrams has come up with the ultimate explainer in the shape of an interactive diagram that sums up the geopolitical alliances traversing this ancient region, which dates back to the Mesozoic Era…

While it is common to hear people describe the Middle East as a complex and obscure place, the diagram plainly illustrates that this is not the case. The relationships follow logical patterns reflecting geopolitical interests, partnerships, and conflicts. For example, the United States is evidently on friendly terms with Iran. In Iraq. But America is on the opposite side of the conflict in Yemen. In Syria, the U.S. and Iran are both against and with each other, depending on the outcome of the nuclear talks.

This partially reflects President Obama’s breakthrough system of decision-making, which goes beyond outdated binary oppositions. Forced to choose between confronting and appeasing Iran, Obama has chosen to do both, arguing that at least one of those policies is the right one. Despite critiques from conservatives who are still clinging to old-fashioned ideas, this way of thinking is quite popular in the Middle East, as reflected in the old proverb, “You can have your cake and eat it.”

By carefully following the lines one by one, you can see that Egypt and Qatar are against each other, except in Yemen where they are now allies; Saudi Arabia is both supporting and bombing ISIS; and Libya is its own worst enemy. But it’s best if you draw your own conclusions; the diagram only takes about three minutes to understand fully. After which, you will be qualified to advise President Obama on Middle East policy.

More at: “The Confused Person’s Guide to Middle East Conflicts.”

Colonel Brighton: Look, sir, we can’t just do nothing.

General Allenby: Why not? It’s usually best.

Lawrence of Arabia


Zaha Hadid


As we search for lines in the sand, we might recall that it was on this date in 1991 that General H Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr– Stormin’ Norman, the Commander of Operation Desert Storm– publicly apologized to President George H.W. Bush for having criticized the Commander in Chief’s decision to call a cease fire to end the (first) Gulf War.

General Schwarzkopf and President Bush in a HUMVEE during the President’s visit with troops in Saudi Arabia on Thanksgiving Day, 1990




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March 29, 2015 at 1:01 am

Hold that pose!…

Painter and Monty Python-inspiration Paul Gaugin, playing Alphonse Mucha’s harmonium

Madame and Monsieur Monet, birding

See more “Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Artists“… and as a bonus, check out “Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Writers,” e.g….

a kneeling Marcel Proust on air guitar

Readers might also enjoy Mark Crick’s Household Tips of the Great Writers, and his previous assays of advice, Sartre’s Sink: The Great Writers’ Complete Book of DIYKafka’s Soup: A Complete History of World Literature in 17 Recipes, and Machiavelli’s Lawn: The Great Writers’ Garden Companion


As we say “cheese,” we might recall that it was on this date in 2002 that President George W. Bush invoked the 25th Amendment to transfer executive authority to Vice President Dick Cheney while the president underwent a colonoscopy.  President Bush transferred authority to Cheney again when he had another colonoscopy five years later.

from The Washington Post


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June 29, 2012 at 1:01 am

The Annals of Cryptozoology: The World a Million Years Ago…

The good folks at The Royal Reliquarian Museum (“For the Advancement of Aesthetic Anachronism”) have amassed a collection of 35mm stereographs–  images originally produced by Tru-Vue in the 1930s-1940s as 35mm positives meant to be viewed through their innovative bakelite ViewMaster-like apparatus.  Tru-Vue produced dozens of rolls on a wide variety of themes; the RRS and has begun with transfers of “Early Twentieth-Century Detroit” and the rather-more-amusing “World a Million Years Ago“:

As the RRM explains:

As its name suggests, this survey of the pre-historic world is more concerned with entertainment than real science or pedagogy. However, that does not explain the anachronisms, amateurish papier-mache  monster designs, or the gross misrepresentations of historical and scientific fact. It is difficult to tell whether the several cryptozoological  specimens, such as the “woolly rhinoceros” are a testament to the author’s special ignorance or to how far paleontology has come since the 40s…

See them all here.

As we admit that the dinosaurs have certainly changed a good bit since we were in elementary school, we might recall that it was on this date in 2008 that President George W, Bush signed the $700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)– a program under which the federal government purchased toxic assets and equity from threatened financial institutions– into law.

President Bush and his Brain Trust (source)

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