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“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them”*…


New York Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudemire let the world in on his body-rejuvenating beauty secret via Instagram as this year’s NBA season began: red wine baths… The 31-year-old basketball veteran is soaking his muscles in a blend of vino and water to “create more circulation” in his red blood cells. In addition to red wine, Stoudemire takes a dip in an “ancient tub,” a cold-plunge pool, and tops off his spa session with a massage.

But before you start dumping Two Buck Chuck into your tub, Regine Berthelot, a vinotherapist and treatment manager for Caudalíe Spas in North America, Brazil, and Hong Kong, says that bathing in booze will actually dehydrate your skin. Instead, it’s the extract from the red vine leaf that is shown to strengthen capillaries, stimulate blood flow, and detox the body—a cup of which is incorporated into the Red Vine Barrel Bath ($75) at the brand’s spa at The Plaza in New York City. Polyphenols and resveratrol (a molecule deemed as one of the most powerful antiagers by professor David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School) are other trace elements that can be found in this treatment, although Berthelot says higher concentrations of both ingredients can be found in a simple glass of wine…

While one hopes that Stoudemire found the soak soothing, one notes that that Knocks are in the midst of a disastrous season (8-37 so far, with a franchise record 16b games loosing streak…

Still, readers who want more information can find it at “Why Drink Red Wine When You Can Bathe in It.”

* Sylvia Plath


As we practice three-pointers, we might recall that it was on this date in 1973 that UCLA’s basketball team won its 61st consecutive games, an NCAA record, on the way to an undeafeated season and a record 89 wins (and 1 loss) over a three-year span.  The Bruins won a(nother) National Championship that season.



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January 27, 2015 at 1:01 am

The lay of the land…

March Madness is here, and the NBA is lumbering through the second half of its season; roundball is all around us.  Happily, there are infographics to help…

Kirk Goldsberry, a visiting scholar at the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis and an assistant professor of geography at Michigan State, has created Courtvision, a series of graphic analyses like the one above aimed at better understanding the battles on the boards.

Readers will find it crammed with insight (e.g., the most effective 3-point shooter in the NBA?  Stephen Curry, of Davidson and the Golden State Warriors)…

Perhaps Dr. Goldsberry will follow fellow sport-data geek Nate Silver into politics…

[via Flowing Data]

As we dribble, we might recall that it was on this date in 1972 that the Cincinnati Royals announced the move of their NBA franchise from The Queen City to The Paris of the Plains, where the following season they played as the Kansas City Kings. (Actually, they were briefly “the Kansas City-Omaha Kings,” but “Omaha” was dropped after two years…)  At the time of the announcement the Royals– once the home of such greats as Wayne Embry, Jerry Lucas, and Oscar Robertson– were on the way to concluding a 30-52 season and missing the play-offs for the fifth year in a row.  It may be evidence of karma that the franchise has, since 1985, been the Sacramento Kings.

 Final home of the Cincinnati Royals (source)

Happy Pi Day!!!

… Or should we be celebrating (and using) Tau instead?

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