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Making history…

The folks at The Citizen Science Alliance, a transatlantic collaboration of universities and museums, are dedicated to involving everyone in the process of science.  Readers may know their wildly successful Galaxy Zoo project, which lets volunteer astronomers crowd-source the classification of objects captured by the Hubble Space Telescope…

Now, in collaboration with Oxford University, CSA has launched Ancient Lives— which invites any and all to help transcribe papyri belong to the Egypt Exploration Society, the texts eventually to be published and numbered in the Society’s “Greco-Roman Memoirs” series in the volumes entitled The Oxyrhynchus Papyri.

Readers have but to click here, then (using the interface pictured above) begin re-writing history.


As we satisfy our Indiana jones, we might recall that this date in 31 AD was the first Easter– according to Dionysius Exiguus (Dennis the Small, Dennis the Little or Dennis the Short– any/all of which have traditionally been taken to mean Dennis the Humble).  Dionysius invented the Anno Domini (AD) era (used to number the years of both the Gregorian and the [Christianized] Julian calendars); and at the request of Pope John I, calculated the date of the first Easter and created a table showing all future Easter dates.

 D.E., the coiner of “AD” (source)

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March 25, 2012 at 1:01 am

Say “Cheese”…

…  or just don the Happiness Hat— a millinery creation of artist Lauren McCarthy:

“A wearable conditioning device that detects if you’re smiling and provides pain feedback if you’re not. Frowning creates intense pain but a full smile leaves you pain free! The first in a series of Tools for Improved Social Inter-Acting.”

…or we could just console ourselves that (as the BBC reports) feeling grumpy is good for you.

As we bare our teeth, we might note that it was on this date in 1215 that the Fourth Lateran Council was convened, at which (among other things) “transubstantiation” was formally recognized and defined by the Roman Catholic Church; from that point, Catholics have been “required” to receive the Eucharist at the least on Easter.  (The Council had been called– convoked– by Pope Innocent III with the papal bull of April 19, 1213…)

Pope Innocent III

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