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“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds”*…

Sometimes profane, often profound, always wonderfully watercolory…

Visit the amazing aviary at False Knees (@FalseKnees)

* Aesop


As we have fun with fowl, we might send powerfully-drawn birthday greetings to Jack Kamen; he was born on this date in 1920. An artist and illustrator, he is remembered for his work in books, magazines, comic books, and advertising, especially for his work illustrating crime, horror, humor, suspense and science fiction stories for EC Comics (and for the onscreen artwork he contributed to the 1982 horror anthology film Creepshow, a tribute to EC created by Stephen King and George Romero’s homage to EC).

Jack Kamen’s “Kamen’s Kalamity” from Tales from the Crypt #31 (August–September 1952) showed Kamen getting an assignment from the publisher Bill Gaines and editor Al Feldstein. [larger version]

Kamen had four children, one of whom is the inventor Dean Kamen— whose patent application for the Segway was drawn by his father.


Bling, bling…

Designer Alexander Amosu’s $100,000+ suit

In these days of economic challenge, parsimony is the reigning virtue: cheap is the new black…  still, a few carry the torch of acquisitive aspiration.  One can find a passel of pointers to opportunities to consume more or less conspicuously  at The Most Expensive Journal.

As we read it and weep, we might spare a grateful thought for Bill Gaines and Harvey Kurtzman; aon this date in 1952 they published the first issue of Mad (appropriately called the “October-November” issue :-)…  When asked to cite Mad‘s philosophy, Gaines responded, “We must never stop reminding the reader what little value they get for their money!” (or, in Art Spiegelman’s gloss:  “The message Mad had in general is ‘The media is lying to you, and we are part of the media.’ It was basically… ‘Think for yourselves, kids.'”)


source: Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site

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