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“Cyberspace undeniably reflects some form of geography”*…

Your correspondent in stepping again into the rapids, so (Roughly) Daily is going into a short hiatus. Regular service should resume on or around Nov 4. Here, something to enjoy in the meantime…

Our old friend Neal Agarwal has created an interactive museum of sorts, a stroll through the history of the internet, as manifest in the artifacts of important “firsts”– the first smiley, the first MP3, the first “LOL.” the first live-steamed concert, and so, so much more…

Browse through Internet Artifacts, from @nealagarwal.

* Sandra Day O’Connor


As we touch the exhibits, we might send imperial birthday greetings to William Henry Gates III; he was born on this date in 1955. Gates is, of course, best known for co-founding the technology giant Microsoft, along with his childhood friend Paul Allen. He led the company from its packaged software beginnings onto the internet. After leaving the company in 2008, he founded several other companies, including BENCascade InvestmentTerraPowerbgC3, and Breakthrough Energy; but he has increasingly turned his attention to philanthropy.

Bill Gates


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October 28, 2023 at 1:00 am

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