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Merry Melodies…


For Proust, it was a sugary cookie; but for many, music is the gateway to memories deep and rich…  a song from years ago can catapult one directly back to the time and place– and into the feelings– of those by-gone days.

Lest one forget, Songs You Used to Love… a “time machine” that can transport one back into moods and memories past.

As we look for those old yearbooks, we might note that this was a big date for broadcast music:  on this date in 1948, CBS telecast a concert by the Philadelphia Philharmonic;  *and on the same day, the NBC Orchestra also performed on the televsion airwaves– the first symphony telecasts in the U.S.  Indeed, the NBC concert was also carried on a several AM and FM radio stations, making it also the first ever simulcast.

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March 20, 2009 at 1:01 am

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