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The Language of Science…



“The individual with a straw was asked to instruct the blindfolded individual to do a dance routine.”
Science of Dating: Topics of Conversation

“It can then use this information to change the rhythm of its hair.”
In Brachiopods’ Eyes, the Theory of Evolution

“The spermatophore executed a surprise attack, penetrating and embedding itself deep in the flesh”
Self-injecting Squid Sperm

“When the subjects… were sleeping deeply, the researchers played a variety of noises, from a jet engine to an ice machine”
Brain Waves Foretell Whether We’ll Sleep Soundly

More nifty non sequiturs at Out of Context Science


As we slip into our lab coats, we might recall that it was on this date in 1867 that Joseph Lister published the first of his series of articles in The Lancet on “The Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery.”  Lister, having noticed that carbolic acid (phenol) was used to deodorize sewage, had experimented with using it to spray surgical instruments, surgical incisions, and dressings.  The result, he reported, was a substantially reduced incidence of gangrene.

Joseph Lister

Non-Sequiturs from Around the World, Part 42…

From the good folks at Blogadilla (“the Tijuana of the Internet”), a list a handy phrases to interject just as a new member is joining a conversation:

Best ‘Out of Context’ phrases to disturb people who have just joined the conversation:

• And that’s why you should never eat movie theater hot dogs.
• Because it was technically “art,” they had to drop the charges.
• So they named the medical condition after me.
• And that’s why I am no longer welcome in Turkey.
• So I’ve been out of prison for 2 years and I still like to do it.
• And so my childhood best friend will soon be my step-son.
• Because I didn’t know that the restraining order applied to the entire cemetery.
• So we were disqualified from the Iditarod because they weren’t technically dogs.
• And I still have it in a jar of formaldehyde in my closet.
• And the residents of Nukumanu Island still regard me as a god.
• Because she was my second cousin, the State of Arkansas had no case against us.
• Because ‘Baby Fighting’ is technically legal in Guatemala.
• And now the security at Disneyland has the right to shoot me on sight.
• Because we thought ‘Nursing School’ meant something totally different.

As we choose our words and wait for our openings, we might recall that it was on this date in 1500 that Christopher Columbus was arrested (by the co-Governor recently arrived from Spain) for crimes against the people of Haiti; Columbus and his two brothers were returned to Spain in chains on October 1 of that same year.

Christopher Columbus

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