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“M is for Moleskine”…


From illustrator Emma Cook, an interesting way for hipster parents to teach their kids the ABCs, “Design Nerd Flash Cards.”

See them all at DesignTaxi.


As we drill our droolers, we might recall that it was on this date in 1942 that Chicago Cubs shortstop Lennie Merullo’s eldest son got his nickname.  Informed during a game that day by the club’s owner, Philip Wrigley, that Merullo’s wife had gone into labor with their first child, the shortstop famously made four errors in a single inning.  The Chicago newspapers suggested his newborn baby should be called “Boots” in honor of the occasion… and so he was.



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September 13, 2012 at 1:01 am

Location, Location, Location…

From Alien Loves Predator, the New York Movie Map…  Can readers spot all (91) of them?

Click here for a hi-res version, with the films numbered 1-91.

As we we slip off into Big Apple dreams, we might recall that it was on this date in 1972 that Willie Mays, in his first game as a NY Met, hit the homer that beat his alma mater, the (San Francisco) Giants, 5-4.

On this same date in 1888, baseball enthusiast and (then New York) Giants fan, DeWolf Hopper first performed Ernest Thayer’s then-unknown poem “Casey at the Bat” at a game between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs.  “The audience literally went wild,”  the New York World reported the next day.  “Men got up on their seats and cheered… it was one of the wildest scenes ever seen…”  By coincidence, August 14th, 1888 was Ernest Thayer’s 25th birthday.  Hopper’s gift to Thayer kept on giving: Hopper was the prime agent of the poem’s growing fame:  he went on to recite it publicly over 10,000 times– in theaters, over the radio and on record (click here to hear), and ultimately in an early film.

Hopper, mid-recitation (source)

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