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“His way had therefore come full circle, or rather had taken the form of an ellipse or a spiral”*…

Simply elaborate, elaborately simple…

Christ gazes out of the page dolefully, head canted and haloed. He seems to float, disembodied, between our world and the next. And, at first, we could step back in sympathy, shocked by the blood that drips like teardrops from those baleful thorns. But something else soon catches light. It might be the ringed texture of his eyeshine or that fingerprint whorl on the nose’s tip. Then we notice the print’s corners, where curves recede as waves do from a skipping stone. It can’t be, we think — but it is. This image was made with a single line…

The full story at: “An Iconic Line: Claude Mellan’s The Sudarium of Saint Veronica (1649),” from @PublicDomainRev.

* Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game


As we’re tempted to trace, we might recall that it was on this date in 1850 that photographer Frederick Langenheim was issued U.S. Patent #7,784 for “Improvement in photographic pictures on glass,” a process of rendering photographic images on glass plates– magic lantern slides.

Prior to 1850, most magic lantern slides were hand-painted on glass, or created using a transfer method to reproduce many copies of a single etching or print; the development of photographic slides created entirely new uses for the magic lantern, from university lectures to amateur family photo shows… to “Coming Attractions” advertisements in theaters in the silent film era.



99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, 99 Bottles of Beer…


Tis the season of driving vacations, long flights– and thus, of pastime games.  Your correspondent suspects that license plate bingo is getting as stale for most readers as it is for him (besides which, it doesn’t work very well on an airplane).  So, a couple of alternatives:

The Double Feature Game: Players take turns imagining the marquee of a theater playing a particularly funny (or ironic or poignant) double bill; e.g.:

The Most Dangerous Game
Love Actually

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Apocalypse Now

The Song Title Conversation Game: Players take turns suggesting two song titles, the second of which is a response to the first; e.g.,

“Who Do You Love,” George Thorogood — “Nobody But Me,” The Human Beinz

“Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever,” Journey — “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Maroon 5

“Make That Move,” Shalamar — “I’m Just Too Shy,” Jermaine Jackson

(TotH to Am I Right— “making fun of music, one song at a time”)

Hours of fun, Dear Readers; hours of fun!…

As we consider simply staying home, we might recall that it was on this date last year that Kodak ceded the victory of digital photography and announced that it would discontinue the production and sale of Kodachrome print and slide film, a tourist staple since 1935.


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June 22, 2010 at 12:01 am

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