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“The vivacity and brightness of colors in a landscape will never bear any comparison with a landscape in nature when it is illumined by the sun, unless the painting is placed in such a position that it will receive the same light from the sun as does the landscape”*…

Plein air painting: the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors…

When painting in plein air, artist Jeremy Sams scours the landscapes around his home in Archdale, North Carolina, for a spot that rouses all of his senses…

He then paints sublime interpretations of the nearby landscape, relying on a realistic color palette in acrylic to render slightly blurred edges and the location’s generally serene qualities: overlaid by a dreamy haze, brooks reflect the surrounding trees, a small brood of chickens pecks at spring grass, and snow melts into a rocky stream….

Sams tends to photograph his finished paintings against their original source…

See more sublime plein air paintings by Jeremy Sams, photographed against the lush North Carolina landscapes they depict. See even more on Sam’s Instagram feed.

* Leonardo da Vinci


As we find our place, we might send artful birthday greetings to Ellen Day Hale; she was born on this date in 1855. An American Impressionist painter and printmaker from Boston, she exhibited at the Paris Salon and the Royal Academy of Arts.

Summer Place, 1925, watercolor (source)
Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 1885. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (source)
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