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Suffer the Little Children…


Readers will recall Slinkachu‘s wonderful Little People Project.  As Laughing Squid explains, the artist and photographer…

…stacked pills on a tiny female figurine for Balancing Act, an art installation left last year in the Khayelitsha township of Cape Town, South Africa. On his blog, Slinkachu explains that an estimated 16% of Khayelitsha’s population “experiences many problems such as poverty, crime and a high rate of HIV infection” and that “life can be tough, especially for children.” Prints will be available of Balancing Act at Slinkachu’s upcoming shows and a percentage of the proceeds go to Baphumelele, a “community project in Khayelitsha that aims to help local children” affected by HIV/AIDS. More information can be found at his blog.


As we strive for equilibrium, we might send cavity-free birthday greetings to Harry G. Day; he was born on this date in 1906.  A leading nutritionist in his capacity as Head of the Chemistry Department at the University of Indiana, Day made tremendous contributions to the understanding of the health aspects of food ingredients (e.g., the role of thiamin), principles of food safety (leading to important regulation), and the rudiments of nutrition (e.g., the human requirements of phosphorus, zinc, fluoride, boron and iron).  But he will probably be best remembered for developing stannous fluoride as an additive to toothpaste.  The result of that work, funded by Proctor & Gamble, was Crest– on the sale of which The University of Indiana received a royalty.



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October 8, 2012 at 1:01 am

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