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“I hope I die before I get old (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)”…


From illustrator Bruce Worden and writer Clare Cross, a children’s classic for the new millennium (albeit, about the last one), Goodnight Keith Moon.

[TotH to Tyler Hellard, aka Pop Loser]


As we prepare to explore the teenage wasteland, we might spare a thought for Sophia Cecelia Kalos (who later became much better known by her stage name, Maria Callas); she died on this date in 1977.  The pre-eminent bel canto soprano of the Twentieth Century, Callas was known by her legion of fans as “La Divina,” (“The Goddess”), a superlatively-specific appropriation of the approbation reserved by opera aficionados for the very finest female singers.  The term “diva” (while it dates back to the late Nineteenth Century as a descriptor of a “fine lady”), emerged among Callas’ following as a shorthand for “divina”– making her the first singer who was a diva.




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September 16, 2012 at 1:01 am