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The masters of “1,000 words”…

A portrait series by by Tim Mantoani features now-famous photographers holding the iconic photos that made them famous: “Behind Photographs.”  See the behind-the-scenes video; page through the series in a photo book.

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As we frame our thoughts, we might recall the cautionary tale of Ruth Pierce (of whom there is no photo):

On Thursday the 25th of January 1753, Ruth Pierce of Potterne in this County, agreed with three other women to buy a sack of wheat in the market, each paying her due proportion towards the same. One of these women, in collecting the several quotas of money, discovered a deficiency, and demanded of Ruth Pierce the sum which was wanting to make good the amount. Ruth Pierce protested that she had paid her share, and said, “She wished she might drop down dead if she had not.” She rashly repeated this awful wish; when to the consternation and terror of the surrounding multitude, she instantly fell down and expired, having the money concealed in her hand.

– Inscribed on the Market Cross in Devizes (England), the site of a grain exchange in Ruth’s time

The Market Cross in Devizes (source)


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January 25, 2012 at 1:01 am

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