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Recapturing those golden days of youth…

Buenos Aires-based photographer Irina Werning offers her subjects an opportunity for which, at one time or another, almost everyone has hoped– a chance to step back in time…

Lucia, 1956 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Fer, 1970 & 2010, Buenos Aires

… many more at Werning’s wonderful “Back to the Future.”

As we wax nostalgic, we might recall that it was on this date in 1959 that the Dalai Lama fled Chinese suppression of a national uprising in Tibet, crossed the border into India, and took political asylum.  In 1950, China (which considers that it has a historic right to Tibet) had invaded the mountain nation (of which the Dalai Lama was both spiritual and political leader); a year later, a Tibetan-Chinese agreement was signed under which Tibet became a “national autonomous region” of China, supposedly under the traditional rule of the Dalai Lama… but in practice ruled by China with an increasingly heavy hand.  Protests arose with increasing frequency and severity over the next several years, until March of 1959, when full-scale rebellion erupted.

The 14th Dalai Lama, in exile (source)