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The Fab(ricated) Four…

On the heels of the release of Beatles remasters as box sets, a special kind of tribute:  “The Beatles Never Broke Up“– where readers can find a hitherto-unheard Beatles album from another (parallel) reality.

The work of “James Richards” (amusingly, the inversion of Richard James– aka The Aphex Twin, one of the most influential electronic musicians of the last century), the site tells the story of Richard’s acquisition of the “grail cassette,” and allows visitors to stream each newly-discovered track and to download the album in it’s entirety.

… though readers might be well-advised to do their downloading sooner than later.  As earlier missives have noted, mash-ups have a nasty habit of incurring their honorees’ wrath…

As we ponder “piracy,” we might tip our bandanas to Privateer Francis Drake, who set out from Plymouth on this date in 1577, and returned almost three years later (September, 1580), the first captain to have completed a circumnavigation of the globe– an accomplishment for which  Drake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth to become Sir Francis Drake.

(Readers will recall that Magellan, who sailed earlier, made it three-quarters of the way, but was killed in the Phillipines; his boats made it back to Portugal, but under the command of his navigator.)

Sir Francis Drake

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