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Nick Faber, Jeremy Griffin, and Jenny Nicholson offer a very nifty free service:  one submits a title for a story, then one of them writes a 100 word tale to fit.  Indeed in some cases, they even illustrate them…

One Ukelele and Some Stars

It was dark that night, so even though you were right beside me, I couldn’t see your face, just the black silhouette of your head against the stars. The lake was still and the cicadas trilled in the background, calling out to one another. You told me you’d written a song — for me. I held my breath, waited for the melody to flow over me and across the water. Your hands stumbled over the chords and you cursed under your breath. You stopped playing, and when you apologized, your voice was shaky. I waited for you to start again.

Read more– and submit your own title– at Name Your Tale.

As we compose our thoughts, we might think expansionist thoughts in honor of Thomas Jefferson, whose emissaries Robert Livingston, James Monroe  signed the the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, called by some “the letter that bought a continent”, in Paris on this date in 1803… and in one stroke (well, three strokes– Livingston, Monroe, and French representative Barbé Marbois all signed) doubled the size of the United States.

The Lousiana Purchase

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