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Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar…

From Sarah Schmelling and McSweeney’s, Hamlet as it might unfold on Facebook (rendered by Angelfire):

(For a larger and more readable version, click here.)

Update, and further to “How Quickly We Forget…“:  this lovely piece from Lost Magazine (originally from Alexander Stile’s The Future of the Past):  “Are We Losing Our Memory? or The Museum of Obsolete Technology.”

As ponder we performers, we might pause to recall that it was on this date in 1901 that Australian diva Helen Porter Mitchell– better known as Nellie Melba– revealed to the world the recipe for “Melba Toast.”  The dish’s name dates back to 1897, when it was created for the then-ailing singer by the great chef (and her great fan) Auguste Escoffier;  hotel proprietor César Ritz coined the term in conversation with Escoffier.

Peckish readers can find the recipe here.

(So great was Melba’s sway over Escoffier that he also created “Peach Melba” in her honor…)

Nellie Melba

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March 23, 2009 at 1:01 am

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