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The best– the most effective, the most moving– exemplars of the visual media all employ a secret weapon.  For all of their attention-grabbing animation and visual effects, all of their heart-felt acting and elegant editing, movies and television shows, video games, commercials all use sound to close the deal with the viewer.

Via the same new technologies that are allowing more and more “civilians” to get into media production, the secrets of the professionals are leaking out.  Readers might consider, for example, “The Guide to Sound Effects,” a compendium of techniques and tips that will enable one to turn that beach-side home video into On the Beach…  For example:

Sea shore : …pouring a fizzy drink onto tarmac or any floor is very good for sea (or that’s what they used in jaws anyway)

Depth charges : 1/2 speed toilet flushing with plate reverb

Tentacles, sliding :    Hard bristled brush and a wet sponge with scouring pad on one side scraped along something soft like a bath towel. You’ll be able to get nice long runs at this if you need looped sounds. Also, for slimy – ‘washing hair’ at different tempos with varying amounts of shampoo is ok.

Roll it!

As we revise our storyboards, we might observe a moment of silence for Franz Anton Mesmer, the German physician who pioneered the medical field of hypnotic therapy; he passed into The Long Trance on this date in 1815.

Franz Anton Mesmer

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