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Charms to soothe the savage beast…

Long-time/pre-blog readers may recall “books that make you dumb,” a project of Virgil Griffith (of WikiScanner fame) that plots the favorite books of college students against their SAT scores…

Virgil strikes again, this time with “music that makes you dumb,” using Facebook to determine the “Favorite Music” at a number of colleges in US and then combining it with the average combined SAT scores of students from these schools.

(a small portion) of the chart

(Thanks to FB friend SL and Labnol.org)

[Update:  as of mid-a.m. on Mar 4, the Music that Makes You Dumb link seems to be down…  Your correspondent counsels trying again later, either directly or via the link on Virgil’s home page:  it’s been up before, and surely will be again.

March 5:  “Music” and “Books” seem still both to be only variably available… your correspondent can only counsel patience…]

As we reorder our playlists, we might polish our balls in honor of Emma Fahning, the first woman to bowl a perfect 300 game in a sanctioned competition, the Women’s International Bowling Congress in Buffalo, NY; she rolled her ten straight strikes on this date in 1930.  (Both Rose Jacobs, in 1929, and Jennie Halvorsen, a month earlier in 1930, had preceded Emma in the feat, but neither of them was rolling in an official setting.)


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