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Conspicuous presumption…

What happens when the D-I-Y movement collides with a brand marketer’s determination to bedeck its products with its logo?  The niftiest of inversions:

The “Prada Ironic Advertisement Wallet” above was made (and sold on Etsy) by 17 year old “Lia.”  As she explained:

This wallet is ironic. Why, you ask? Well, the Prada image is an advertisement plucked from the very pages of VOGUE magazine — yes, literally. Typically, an item with a brand as prestigious as Prada would be extremely expensive. Advertising feeds into this prestige and brand-name popularity. By taking the advertisement and — rather than buying a Prada product — turning it instead into a product in and of itself with that brand-name on it, we have successfully usurped the entire silly Brand system. We have taken their advertising and turned it into a handcrafted, DIY duct-tape and paper wallet.

The irony is that the product is a wallet.

The owner of this wallet will hold his/her money in this fabulous, handmade wallet with the Prada brand name on it — but although he/she touts this brand proudly, no money actually went to it.Instead it goes directly to the lovely maker of the wallet, me.


(via Influx Insights)

As we empathize with marketers’ headaches, we might console them that it was on this date in 1899 that German drug company Friedrich Bayer & Co. patented their formulation of acetylsalicylic acid and registered the name under which they would go one to sell it: “aspirin.”

Aspirin’s active ingredient, salicin (in it’s native form, found in willow bark and the spirea plant), had been used since the time of Hippocrates to relive fever and pain.  But Bayer’s formulation– more stable and easier on the stomach and the taste buds– quickly became the best-selling drug in the world.

(Surviving official records suggest that the formulation was the work of Bayer chemist Felix Hoffman.  But other evidence shows that Hoffman’s work was really done by a Jewish chemist, Arthur Eichengrun, whose contributions were covered up during the Nazi era. )


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