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Equal and Opposite Reaction…

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that military-grade firearm sales in Utah have sky-rocketed since Obama’s election:

Local gun dealers quickly are running out of stock of magazines for Colt AR-15s and AK models and many have seen a sharp increase in the sales of those guns. “Pretty much anything with more than 10 rounds is in high demand right now,” said Michael Martin, a sales representative at Impact Guns in Salt Lake City.

The full story of the Bee-Hive State’s anticipatory reaction to what they apparently fear will be a reinstatement of the ban on sale of assault weapons is here.

In a resonant vein, The Washington Monthly notes that 2009 will be the first time in 45 years that there has not been a Bush or a Dole in a major elected office in the U.S…  There and other fun facts about reactions to and results of the election at Ten Zen Monkeys.

As we shop for Kevlar clothing, we might ponder the career of Felix Frankfurter, the legal scholar, New Deal official, then Supreme Court justice, who– his liberal credentials notwithstanding– was his court’s most outspoken champion of judicial restraint; Frankfurter was born in Vienna on this date in 1882.

Felix Frankfurther

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November 15, 2008 at 1:01 am

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