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Take five…

Ah, the joys of listing…  5ives has them in pentagramatic abundance; e.g.,

Five terrible fake Sylvester Stallone franchise revivals

1. Rambo V: Could You Repeat the Specials, Please?
2. Increasingly Less Over the Top
3. Tango & Cash II: Which One Am I Again?
4. F.I.S.T.U.L.A.
5. Rocky VII: Who Keeps Moving My Medicine?

Five surprising things George Washington Carver made from peanuts

1. peanut-shaped peanut bowl made of peanut shells
2. peanut surrey, drawn by two sweet potato horses
3. Atari 2600
4. peanut shuriken
5. Side 2 of Boston’s Third Stage

As we number our fingers, we might wish a stately Happy Birthday to Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus– aka Tiberius– a celebrated Roman general who never wanted to rule, but found himself, nevertheless, elevated to be Rome’s second Emperor, following the death of his step-father Augustus; he was born in 47 BCE.  Tiberius ruled unhappily until 26, when he exiled himself from Rome and left administration largely in the hands of a pair of corrupt Praetorian Prefects, whose misdeeds set the scene for Tiberius’ grandson, Caligula, who acceded on Tiberius’ death in 37.


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