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DIY: Plumbing new depths…

Do-it-yourself colonoscopies?  Meet the USB endoscope:

Only $139.9 at USB Fever… which, one imagines, is what one might develop if one were to use the device improperly…

As we browse for barium, we might recall that it was in the entry for this date in 1666 that Samuel Pepys recorded an early blood transfusion– a “pretty experiment” in which blood was exchanged between two dogs.  Richard Lower, an Oxford physician, had pioneered the experiment the year before, following the thinking of William Harvey.  In 1667, a French doctor reported success transfusing sheep’s blood to a human; but human-to-human transfusion was first recorded in 1795 (in Philadelphia).

Richard Lower (photo source)

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November 14, 2008 at 1:01 am

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