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The Protean Issue…

As we catch our breath, post-election, we might ponder some of the forms of change that are already afoot…   After all, mutability itself is….  well, mutable.

– Consider the reimagining of iconic examples of one medium in another; e.g.:

Titanic…  see other mega-movies memorialized in Lego at Cinematical(Update:  reader KL directs us to Brickshelf Gallery for more Lego legerdemain.)

– Think too about the sincerest form of flattery, changing one person’s work into one’s own; e.g., Jamsbio’s “10 Songs that Resemble Other Songs”:

Hes So Fine

The Chiffons: "He's So Fine"

My Sweet Lord

Geo. Harrison: "My Sweet Lord"

(There are audio examples available for all twenty tunes.)

– And ruminate on recycling– putting used things to altogether new uses; e.g.:

A Buddhist temple in Thailand, built from over 1 million beer bottles

As we search for our church keys (and prepare to light our Guy Fawkes fuses), we might wish a rigorous birthday to Ida Minerva Tarbell, a pioneering investigative journalist, who was born on this date in 1857.  Tarbell won her credibility and early renown as an author of historical pieces for McClures.  But she won her reputation as a “muckraker” (a label she detested; she preferred “investigative historian”) for a series, ultimately published as a book, on The Standard Oil Trust– work that fed public disapproval of Rockefeller and Standard Oil, and that contributed to the U.S. government’s Anti-Trust action against them.

Ida Tarbell

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November 5, 2008 at 1:01 am

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