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From Nigel Holmes and Good Magazine, a (really) good chart on the subject de jour, the economy.

See it in full (and legible) size here.

A veteran of Time in the good old days, Holmes has done much great work in this vein (more of which one can see here)…

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As we recalibrate our retirement expectations, we might recall that it was on this date in 1862 that Richard Gatling patented the rapid-fire gun that came to bear his name.  Gatling’s invention was considered by some to have been the very first”machine gun”: it didn’t automatically reload under its own power, but was capable, thanks to its rotating ring of barrels, of firing continuously. (The first real machine gun was the “Maxim gun,” introduced in 1884.)  While the Gatling gun was used to some effect in the American Civil War, it was most impactful in the expansion of European empires– killing warriors of non-industrialized societies including the Matabele, the Zulu, the Bedouins, and the Dervish. Imperial Russia purchased 400 Gatling guns and used them against Turcoman cavalry and other nomads of central Asia. The Royal Navy used Gatling guns against the Egyptians at Alexandria in 1882.

Gatling Gun

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