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Special Edition: Links and Leads, Laterally…

Your correspondent delightedly– and gratefully– receives suggestions from among the Readership, many of which make it into the rhythmically-regular missives; but some of which, for reasons of timing, cannot.

In order not to lose those, your correspondent will try occasionally to share a selection of them in special posts… like this one.

On a semi-related note, several readers of recent vintage have asked that the daily missives be archived in a blog… while it’s a task entirely too daunting to your correspondent to upload years of historical posts, I have begun to capture each day’s entry in this blog.

So these special posts will also live there. (if a reader prefers RSS delivery, that’s available… so is email from the blog, though your correspondent doesn’t yet recommend it. Still buggy.)

And so, the inaugural assortment:

– With thanks to JR, a seriously twisted series of trees

– A self-combing Zen Garden, gracias PR


– Merci MK for a luminous Cathedral

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May 11, 2008 at 11:37 am

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