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Our old acquaintance Richard Florida has done it again: illuminated another dimension of our zeitgeist:

“Drawing on a database of hundreds of thousands of individual personality surveys compiled by psychologists Jason Rentfrow, Sam Gosling, and Jeff Porter, my team and I were able to map the distribution of personality types across the United States. The result is a fascinating new way of looking at the country’s terrain.”

The result:

Personilt Plots

Missing from this analysis is the plot of “headquarters of corporations willing to pay astounding fees for these insights”; a trade secret perhaps.


As we call Mayflower, we might spare a moment to remember Florence Nightingale, born on this date in 1820. Famed for her work as a nurse in the Crimean War, she went on to found training facilities and nursing homes– pioneering both medical training for women and what is now known as Social Entrepreneuring. Less well-known is Nightingale’s contributions to epidemiology, statistics, and the visual communication of data in the field of public health. Always good at math, she pioneered the use of the polar area chart (the equivalent to a modern circular histogram or rose diagram) and popularized the pie chart (which had been developed in 1801 by William Playfair)

Diagram of the causes of mortality

in the army in the East” by Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale

Nightingale- Mortality

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