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Get *on* your ass…

The good folks at View from Fez have put together a guide to Buying a Donkey in Fez

The advice is quite complete, ranging from the strategic…

Determine why you need a donkey. Donkeys are used as pets, companions for other animals, guard animal, breeding, work, riding and showing. Know what you need a donkey for before looking at one to purchase. The use of donkeys as guard animals is increasingly popular and, fitted with reflective stripes and a fetching red flashing light, they can be quite scary.

…through the tactical…

Visit the donkeys you think are suitable for your needs. Remember a donkey may have mood swings during the day. It is very upsetting to find the animal that was so happy in the morning has a fit of the grumps every afternoon and throws hissy fits at night. Don’t bring a carossa with you the first time, as you may be tempted to bring home the animal even if it isn’t exactly what you want or need.

…to the practical…

Do check you budget, because the initial purchasing price does not include, vaccinations, stabling, outfitting with GPS and, of course, the fitting of special non-slip Medina shoes.

The full tutorial is here.

As we saddle up, we might recall that it was on this date in 1938 that the official world speed record for steam locomotives was set on the slight downward grade of Stoke Bank south of Grantham  on the East Coast Main Line in England by the express locomotive Mallard when it reached a speed of 125.88 mph.  The Mallard, which was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and was completed in March of that year, was in service until 1963.

The Mallard at the National Railway Museum at York

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