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We can remember it for you wholesale…

source: James Madison University

The good folks at EU Design, a web hosting and design firm, maintain a compendium of mnemonics

Mnemonics (pronounced “ne-mon’-ics”) is the art of assisting the memory by using a system of artificial aids – rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams, acronyms and other devices – all to help in the recall of names, dates, facts and figures.

From English monarchs to the world’s longest rivers, from the periodic elements to the Bond films of Sean Connery, Mnemonics offers over 120 helpful formulae…  as the site suggests, “you never know what might just be useful to remember.”

As we prepare to put our answer in the form of a question, we might raise a celebratory cup of tea to the incomparable Jane Austen, born this date in 1775.

Watercolor portrait of Jane Austen believed to be by her sister, Cassandra

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December 16, 2009 at 1:01 am

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