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“! have just been to the dentist, and need not return for another six months! Is it not the most beautiful thought?”*…


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Andrew Huang has released a wonderful cover of The Weeknd‘s hit song, “Can’t Feel My Face,” that he made from sounds created with dentist equipment, using items such as rubber gloves, dental models, and syringes of a dentist in Perth who obliged him.

(The original song, for comparison.)

Via Laughing Squid

* “Hercule Poirot,” in Agatha Christie’s One, Two, Buckle My Shoe


As we open wide, we might send thoroughly-rinsed birthday greetings to Weston Andrew Valleau Price; he was born on this date in 1870.  A dentist primarily known for his theories on the relationships among nutrition, dental health, and physical health, he founded the research institute National Dental Association, which became the research section of the American Dental Association.


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September 6, 2015 at 1:01 am

“a culinary equivalent of the ship in a bottle”…

The dedicated researchers at our old friends Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have come through again:  this time, with step-by-step instructions for making omelettes inside of eggshells.  “While it may not be possible to make omelettes without breaking eggs, it turns out that you actually can get pretty close.”


As we wonder what’s keeping the hash browns, we might recall that, while George F. Grant is perhaps better remembered as a successful Boston dentist, and the first African-American professor at Harvard, it was on this date in 1899 that he received the first patent for the wooden golf tee.


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