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“il n’y a pas de hors-texte”*…


… or not.

An exercise in radical juxtaposition that serves a reminder of the defining importance of context: “Motivational Hitler.”

Reality is not a function of the event as event, but of the relationship of that event to past, and future, events.
― Robert Penn Warren, All the King’s Men

* “There is no outside-text” Jacques Derrida (often paraphrased, “There is nothing outside the text”)


As we stop to think, we might spare a thought for Florence Nightingale Graham; she died on this date in 1966.  Better known by her “business name,” Elizabeth Arden, she built a cosmetics empire in the U.S., and at the peak of her career, was one of the wealthiest women in the world.  Arden was a pioneer in the marketing of cosmetics as the key to a youthful, beautiful image; she was largely responsible for establishing makeup as “proper” and “appropriate”—even necessary—for a ladylike image, when before makeup had often been associated with lower classes and such professions as theatrical performers and prostitution.  She was awarded the Légion d’Honneur by the French government in 1962 for her contributions to the cosmetics industry.

Elizabeth Arden in 1939



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October 18, 2015 at 1:01 am

Taking the emotional temperature of the internet…

Ever wonder what became of those creepy Christmas sensations of yesteryear, Teddy Ruxpin dolls?  Well, Sean Hathaway has found a use of 80 for them

TED [Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction] is a large, wall-based installation consisting of an array of 80 Teddy Ruxpin dolls that speak emotional content gathered from the web via synthetic speech with animated mouths. The speaking of the emotional content is accompanied by one of twenty-four musical vignettes that have been paired to the emotional content being spoken. Each vignette, representing one of twenty-four subtle variants of human emotion, have been composed in such a way that the beginnings and ends of the short pieces will seamlessly dogleg in any possible configuration and stream endlessly as a unified whole. The installation is allowed to drift about freely through the emotional landscape being driven only by those who are contributing content to the piece whether unwittingly or consciously. As such the overall presentation of the piece can vary greatly based on external conditions such as seasons, world events and even time of day. The piece is essentially taking the instantaneous emotional pulse of the internet and this collective pulse, like a human pulse, varies over time…

See the installation in action here (or by clicking the image above); read Sean’s explanation here.


As we understand, finally, what animated Chuckie, we might send smudge-proof birthday greetings to Hazel Bishop; she was born on this date in 1906.  While working as a chemist at Socony Vacuum Oil Company (AKA, Sunoco), she devoted her spare time to developing a kiss-proof (“stays on you not on him”) lipstick.  Working in her kitchen, she experimented with staining dyes, oils, and molten wax.  She molded the successful mixture into a stick and called the new creation “No-Smear Lipstick.”  Launched as a consumer product in 1950, it was an immediate success.


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August 17, 2012 at 1:01 am

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