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“Once a culture becomes entirely advertising friendly, it ceases to be a culture at all”*…


Local commercials — those gems of advertising offering sincere pledges of service and strange visuals seemingly inspired by bath salts — didn’t disappoint this year. These ads find a special place in culture and memory with catchy songs, dated graphics and grainy film. So without further ado, revel in the cheesy glory of summer 2015’s bad local ads. If you’re lucky, you might run into one of these local celebrities at the grocery store (or the dog park).

Talking dogs, bombastic lawyers, and more– from Ad Age, “The Best of 2015’s Bad Local Ads (So Far).”

* Mark Crispin Miller


As we reach for the remote, we might send archetypal birthday greetings to Carl Gustav Jung; he was born on this date in 1875.  A psychiatrist and psychotherapist, he founded the practice of Analytic Psychotherapy. His concepts of the archetype, the collective unconscious, the complex, and extraversion and introversion were widely influential in psychology, but also in philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, literature, and religious studies… and might give readers who viewed the spots at the link above reason for introspection.



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July 26, 2015 at 1:01 am

Let it rain…

Perpetuum Jazzile is “Slovenia’s only jazz choir”; at last year’s VOKAL XTRAVAGANZZA in Ljubljana, they performed this:

(With thanks to my cousin, MT…)

As we reach for our umbrellas, we might celebrate the birthdays of two men with notable ties to rain:  Carl Jung, a father of analytic psychology and the discoverer of the “collective unconscious” (in which water and rain play significant roles) was born on this date in 1875.  And James Lovelock, the environmental thinker who authored the Gaia Hypothesis (in which rain patterns are one modality of the superorganism that is the globe), was born on this date in 1919.

Jung in 1910

Lovelock in 2005

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July 26, 2009 at 12:01 am

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