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All together now!…

The good folks at All Sorts have taken on the issue of collective nouns– or as Drew Neil calls them, Venereal Terms— that is, the names we give bunches of things.  All Sorts invited designers to submit illustrations of their favorites for inclusion in the All Sorts Index.   A few of the winners:

A Glass Half Full of Optimists

A Hush of Librarians

A Sofa of Dogs

For more karass, not false but funny, see here. (TotH to Jason Kottke)

As we contemplate commonalities, we might wish a Buon Compleanno to Luigi Pirandello, the dramatist and novelist best remembered for Six Characters in Search of an Author.  He was born on this date in 1867, turned to writing when the family sulphur mines failed, and received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934.

The Author, Found

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