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Put asunder?…


Wedding cancelled?  All is not lost!

Over 250,000 weddings are called off every year.
We purchase cancelled weddings and resell them to new couples.Sellers recover deposits and upfront costs hassle-free.
Venues and providers enjoy uninterrupted business as usual.
Buyers find beautiful, pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the price

All is explained at Bridal Brokerage.

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As we recall that the presents still need to be returned, we might send recently-reformed birthday wishes to Augustine of Hippo, AKA St. Augustine; he was born on this date in 354.  Augustine famously came to his faith later in life, after a youth filled with worldly experience… including a long engagement (to an underaged girl– to wit the length), for which he left the concubine who was the love of his life, “The One”– and which he broke off just before the wedding.

Imagined portrait by Philippe de Champaigne (17th cen.)


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November 13, 2012 at 1:01 am

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