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“Either you get eaten by a wolf today or else the shepherd saves you from the wolf so he can sell you to the butcher tomorrow”*…


Sheep on the loose in Huesca. Screen grab: Policia Local Huesca

… or you make a break for it:

A flock of over 1,000 sheep was spotted roaming through the city centre of Huesca, northeastern Spain on Tuesday after escaping from their shepherd when he fell asleep.

Police were alerted to the sizable flock making its way through the centre of the city at around 4.30am when a local resident called the emergency number 112.

The shepherd was supposed to be guiding his sheep onto the pastures of the Pyrenees, where they will spend the summer, when he dozed off…

More at “Sheep invade Spanish city after shepherd takes a snooze.”

* Ogden Nash, I’m a Stranger Here Myself

As we wonder of the shepherd was counting his flock when he dozed off, we might recall that this a big day for animals in the street:  the start of the annual fiestas of San Fermin are celebrated in Irunea/Pamplona, the centerpiece of which is the well-known “Encierro” (running of the bulls).

The Encierro takes place from July 7th to 14th and starts at the corral in Calle Santo Domingo when the clock on the church of San Cernin strikes eight o”clock in the morning. After the launching of two rockets, the bulls charge behind the runners for 825 metres, the distance between the corral and the bullring. The run usually lasts between three and four minutes although it has sometimes taken over ten minutes, especially if one of the bulls has been isolated from his companions… [source]




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July 7, 2016 at 1:01 am

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