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“There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit and those who can’t”*…


We all make mistakas…

The Wicked Bible (as it’s come to be known), published in 1631 by Robert Barker and Martin Lucas in London, offers an unusually permissive version of the Seventh Commandment

And some are funnier than others…

Webster’s chemistry editor, Austin M. Patterson, sent in a slip reading “D or d, cont./density” in 1931; but it was misinterpreted as a single word– and published in the second edition of the New International Dictionary in 1934. It was not removed until 1947.

The preface of The Vocabulary of East Anglia, by Robert Forby, 1830

Further funny faux pas at “The Most Disastrous Typos In Western History.”

* Jarod Kintz


As we relax into Labor Day, we might pause to contemplate the commemorative and celebratory occasions sprinkled through the first month of Fall…

SEPTEMBER is . . .

National Bed Check Month, Read-A-New-Book Month, Mom & Apple Pie Month (Massachusetts), Cable TV Month, Latino Heritage Month, Be Kind to Writers & Editors Month, National Mind Mapping Month, Pleasure Your Mate Month, Board & Care Recognition Month, International Gay Square Dance Month

1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

Last Week

Self-University Week

Independence Week (Brazil)

National Religious Reference Books Week

Aarmus Festival Week (begins 1st Sat; Denmark)

La Merienda Week

National Mind Mapping For Project Management Week

Fall Hat Week

National Housekeepers Week

Battle of Britain Week (Week w/15th)

Tolkein Week

National Singles Week

Vitupertion Week (18th-24th)

National Laundry Workers Week

National Adult Day Care Center Week

Banned Books Week

National Food Service Workers Week

National Dog Week

National Roller Skating Week

National Mind Mapping For Problem Solving Week

National Pickled Pepper Week (begins Last Thurs)

September Movable Daily Holidays



1st Sunday

Working Mother’s Day

Pffiferdaj (Day of the Flutes; France)

Giostra del Saracino (Joust of the Saracen; Italy)

Saturday before Labor Day

Capital Day

1st Monday

Labor Day

Settler’s Day (South Africa)

Buhl Day (Sharon, Pennsylvania)

Great Bathtub Race (Nome, Alaska)

Box Car Day (Tracy, Minnesota)

1st Saturday

Indian Day

Braemar Highland Gathering (Scotland)

1st Sunday after Labor Day

Grandparent’s Day

1st Saturday after Labor Day

Federal Lands Cleanup Day

Yellow Daisy Festival (Stone Mountain Park, Georgia)

1st Saturday after Full Moon in September

Indian Day (Oklahoma)

2nd Sunday

National Pet Memorial Day

2nd Sunday (every other year)

Bruegel Feesten (Belgium)

2nd Friday after Labor Day

The Big E begins (New England’s Great State Fair; Maine)

3rd Sunday

World Peace Day

Pig Face Sunday (Avening, UK)

3rd Tuesday

International Day of Peace (UN)

Prinsjesdag (Netherlands)

4th Sunday

Good Neighbor Day

4th Friday

Native American Day

4th Saturday

National Hunting & Fishing Day

Kid’s Day (Kiwanis Club)

Last Sunday

Gold Star Mother’s Day

Sunday before Michaelmas (29th)

Carrot Sunday (Scotland)

16 days from late September ending on 1st Sunday in October

Oktoberfest begins (Germany)

Sunday before October 2nd

Tap-Up Sunday

And all of this is not to mention such red-letter days as Eat an Extra Desert Day (September 4), Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), or Hug a Vegetarian Day (September 26)…

Party on!


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