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“Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare”*…


From Spiked Math, Dirty Math: a N-altogether-SFW collection of mathematical concepts…

* Rene Descartes


As we rethink using our fingers and toes, we might spare a thought for Lawrence Hargrave; he died on this date in 1915.  An Australian engineer, explorer, astronomer, inventor, and aeronautical pioneer, he is probably best remembered as the inventor of the box kite.  In November of 1894, Hargrave flew in one of his creations: he attached himself to a huge four kite construction tethered to the ground by piano wire. His demonstration of the ability of the box kite to carry heavy payloads and hold steady, high-altitude flight led to many industrial and military uses. For example, box kites were used until the 1930s to carry meteorological equipment for high altitude weather studies, and by the Royal Air Force to provide radio aerials for sea rescue.

Hargrave (seated in the apparatus, left) and his assistant James Swain demonstrate the “manlift kite”



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