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Poems Without Words*…

Move, movement by movement, through the history of art at ArtHistoryImages.org.

* “A picture is a poem without words” – Horace


As we decide to develop into decent docents, we might send elegant birthday greetings to Gisela Richter; she was born on this date in 1882.  The leading classical archaeologist and art historian of her generation, Richter was a protege of Harriet Boyd Hawes, who (as the first woman to direct an archaeological excavation) clearly understood the difficulties facing a woman trying to break into classical studies.  Richter ultimately became Curator of the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from 1925 to 1948 (the first woman to hold that post); she published dozens of seminal books and papers, and taught at lectured at Columbia, Yale, Bryn Mawr, Oberlin, and American School of Classical Studies in Athens.


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August 14, 2012 at 1:01 am

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