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Up against the wall…

From Dark Roasted Blend, a lovely collection of the murals, trompe l’oeil, and other varieties of wall painting that brighten cityscapes around the world…

Many, many more at “Extreme Murals and Painted Buildings.”

As we put away the whitewash, we might recall that it was on this date in 1954 that Swanson and Sons sold the first “TV Dinner.”  The original repast consisted of a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, frozen peas and sweet potatoes packaged in a tray like those used at the time for airline meals, with each item in its own compartment. The aluminum tray could, of course, be heated directly in the oven without any extra dishes; and one could eat the meal directly from the same tray– which fit perfectly the “TV tables” in vogue at the time.  The original TV Dinner was priced at 98 cents; Swanson sold more than 10 million units in the first year of production.

“It’s good to be full!”  (source)

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April 6, 2011 at 1:01 am

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