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Presidential prerogative…

From the elegantly instructive folks at Put This On:

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson needed pants, so he called the Haggar clothing company and asked for some. The call was recorded (like all White House calls at the time), and has since become the stuff of legend. Johnson’s anatomically specific directions to Mr. Haggar are some of the most intimate words we’ve ever heard from the mouth of a President.

We at Put This On took the historic original audio and gave it to animator Tawd Dorenfeld, who created this majestic fantasia…

[TotH to Laughing Squid]

As we reaffirm our commitment to comfort, we might recall that it was on this date in 1998 that noted style icons Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams and David “Bend it Like” Beckham were engaged.



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January 25, 2011 at 1:01 am

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