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Cut! Take it again from “#@!*&%#@!”…

Humphrey Bogart, Joe E. Brown, James Cagney, Bette Davis, Kay Francis, Leslie Howard, Paul Lukas, Barton MacLane, Fredric March, Paul Muni, Pat O’Brien, Claude Rains, Edward G. Robinson, and a host of others star in The Warner Bros. Blooper Reel for 1936!

TotH to the good folks at Neatorama.

As we struggle to remember our lines, we might recall that it was on this date in 1836 that Samuel Colt was granted a U.S. patent on a “revolving gun” (a revolving-breach-loading, folding-trigger firearm, initially instantiated as a pistol– the Patterson Pistol, the earliest ancestor of the famous Colt .45).  In 1835, Colt had traveled to England, following the path of Elisha Collier, a Bostonian who had earlier patented a revolving flintlock.  Colt obtained a British patent late that year, then hurried home.

Samuel Colt

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