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Ben Brown had one of those days…  one of those days on which his hair was just so fabulous that he had to share.  And having shared, realized that he could bring that satisfaction to the masses…  So was born Must Share Hair, on which the tonsorially-talented can trumpet their triumphs; e.g.,

As Ben says, his goal is:

To document and promote real people with real hair for the amusement and inspiration of the whole world!

Is your hair great? Is your hair ridiculous? Snap a photo and email it to us at: mustsharehair@tumblr.com  or submit online

As we wipe our combs, we might celebrate the anniversary of Henry Perky’s patent on shredded wheat — this date in 1893…


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Written by (Roughly) Daily

July 31, 2009 at 12:01 am

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