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From the ever-illuminating Cockeyed.com, a step-by-step guide to updating one’s tin foil helmet by applying the appropriate converter box to protect against the threat posed by the imminent conversion of television broadcasting in the United States from analog to digital.  Readers have only until the revised switch-over date, June 12, to make these enhancements, so had best hop to.

As we adjust the internal webbing, and your correspondent re-establishes radio contact on return from a remote (and beautiful) wedding, we might recall the it was on this date in 1933 that Blondie Boopadoop married Dagwood Bumstead in the comic strip “Blondie”  (three years before, on this same date, Lee Falk’s “The Phantom” made it’s funny pages debut– 25 years to the the day before “BC” premiered)…


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February 17, 2009 at 9:13 am

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