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Readers have seen the motivational wares at Despair.com, and more recently, Sloshspot…  Now, from the folks Big Huge Labs (actually, folk– the extraordinary John Watson)…

The Motivator— Do-it-Yourself Motivational Posters!

By way of example, your correspondent’s maiden effort (drawing on an image that readers may recall):

The leverage for leaders is limitless!

As we polish our chestnuts, we might wish a regal Happy Birthday to Livia, born on this date (by official accounts) in 58 BCE.  The wife of the emperor Augustus (Julius Caesar Octavianus), the mother of Emperor Tiberius, and grandmother of Claudius, who deified her when he became emperor (following on the turbulent–if not indeed downright decadent– reign of his nephew Gaius [Caligula]), Livia lived for an extremely eventful 86 years.

C.f. De Imperatoribus Romanis… or, for color, Robert Grave’s I, Claudius

Livia (portrayed as the Earth goddess Opis)

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January 30, 2009 at 1:01 am

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