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Fighting those pangs of withdrawal…

What does one do, post-election, when the consolations of certitude prove no match for the pain of withdrawal from the addiction created by the years-long feed of nastiness that was “the campaign”?

One turns to The Attack Ad Generator…  and gets a jump on 2010.

As we practice our smirks, we might wish a cautious Happy Birthday to Julia Agrippina (aka “Agrippina Minor,” or “Agripinna the Younger”), great granddaughter of Emperor Augustus, great niece and adoptive granddaughter of Emperor Tiberius, sister of Emperor Caligula, wife of Emperor Claudius, and mother of Emperor Nero; she was born on this date in 15 CE.  Readers may recall that she was widely held by ancient commentators to have poisoned Claudius (see Almanac entry here), though modern scholars doubt it.  According to Pliny the Younger, she had canine teeth– a sign of good fortune– but one reckons that one might need to doubt that too…

Agrippina the Younger and Claudius, on Roman aureus

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November 6, 2008 at 1:01 am

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