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Ramen it home…

Readers need never again be stuck for dinner inspiration…  Noodlr (which calls itself “the noodle soup oracle,” but might more accurately have claimed “the noodle soup generator”) provides a fresh new noodle soup composition with each click.  There’s even a vegetarian option.

We we boil the water, we might wish an emotive birthday to Sara-Marie-Henriette Rosine Bernard, whom later for professional purposes simplified her name to Sarah Bernhardt, the French actress who was born in Paris on this date in 1844.  “The Divine Sarah,” as she was known, was a global sensation from the 1870s  until her death in 1923.  She played Hamlet in one of the earliest films (“Le Duel d’Hamlet,” 1900), but remained true to the stage.  A 1905 stunt injury cost her the free use of one leg– a condition that worsened until 1915, when gangrene required amputation.  Thus, for the last eight years of her career, Bernhardt performed from a wheelchair or immobilized on the stage– nonetheless, she triumphed.

Sarah Bernhardt

And a celebratory woo, woo, woo to another distinguished thespian, Jerome Lester Horwitz– aka Curly Howard– member of the Three Stooges, brother of fellow Stooges Shemp Howard and Moe Howard; he was born on this date in 1903.  (Curly was the youngest of the five Horwitz brothers; thus, his siblings called him “Babe” to tease him. The nickname stuck with him all his life– until Shemp married Gertrude Frank, who was also nicknamed “Babe,” and the brothers started calling him “Curly” to avoid confusion.)


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