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“Where the Hell is Matt?”

As we lace up our dancing shoes, we might recall (long-time readers surely will) that it was on this date in 1959 that Ed Wood Jr. premiered what many believe is the worse film ever made, Plan 9 from Outer Space, replete with lines like

Modern women. They’ve been like that all down through the ages.


Visits? That would indicate visitors.


Paula Trent: I’ve never seen you in this mood before.
Jeff Trent: I guess that’s because I’ve never been in this mood before.

But we might also remember that it was 12 years earlier, to the day, that Roswell, N.M. got a second life as a tourist attraction.  It was on this date in 1947 that military personnel arrived at the ranch of William ‘Mac’ Brazel, near Corona (after he reported hearing a loud crash), retrieved wreckage, and transported it to Roswell Army Airfield (whence it was later flown to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio).

Initial Air Force press releases (issued five days later by Lt. Walter G Haut, Public Information Officer at RAAF under order from the Commander of the 509th Bomb Group, Col. William Blanchard) reported the recovery of a “flying disk”, “hexagonal in shape.”  But the story was rapidly changed to say that the crash was in fact a weather balloon– which, at least in a sense, it probably was.  Still, some ufologists have argued an alien craft crashed near Roswell, and that an alien body was found at the crash site, and then moved by military to the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull notwithstanding, there is now evidence that the ‘UFO’ was in fact part of Project Mogul, a top secret project involving high-altitude balloons carrying low-frequency microphones and radar corner reflectors, designed to detect possible Soviet atomic bomb explosions and forewarn of an atomic attack on the United States.

Roswell Record

Front page of the Roswell Record, July 8, 1949 (the day after the release)

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