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Actually, one doesn’t need a Kindle to read books electronically.  Long-time readers of these missives know about plain text resources like Project Gutenberg, Perseus, et al.  Now there’s PDF Search Engine, a free service that crawls sites, forums, message boards for .pdf files…  You’ll be amazed what’s available.

As we adjust the ambient light, readers might join your correspondent in a birthday toast to his alma mater, Magdalen College, which turns 550 today.  Founded by Bishop William of Waynflete as Magdalen Hall in 1448, it became Magdalen College on this date in 1458.  Appropriately enough to the school of Oscar Wilde, it was named for Mary of Magdala, aka St Mary Magdalene (or Magdalen), whose patronage includes perfumers, pharmacists, hairdressers, hair stylists, penitent sinners, and reformed prostitutes.

Magdalen from above

Magdalen College

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June 12, 2008 at 1:01 am

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